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Facio Maxillary Surgery tirupati

Welcome to Ikon Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery Hospital – your premier destination for Facio Maxillary Surgery tirupati. At Ikon Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery Hospital, your journey toward optimal facial and jaw health commences under the expertise of Dr. K Murali Krishna, a distinguished maxillofacial surgeon in Gachibowli. We take pride in being your trusted choice for unmatched Facio Maxillary Surgery tirupati, ensuring the highest standard of care for your well-being.

Facio-maxillary surgery, also referred to as oral and maxillofacial surgery, is a specialised field dedicated to addressing diseases, injuries, and deformities affecting the face, jaw, and mouth. This discipline encompasses a diverse range of procedures aimed at restoring both the functional and aesthetic aspects of facial and oral structures.

For the best Facio Maxillary surgical procedures, visit Ikon Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery Hospital. Dr.Dr. K Murali Krishna is a highly skilled maxillofacial surgeon in Gachibowli, ensuring exceptional care during your surgery.

Faciomaxillary surgery is conducted for various purposes, including:

  • Management of facial trauma
  • Correction of congenital deformities
  • Treatment of diseases affecting the face, jaw, and oral cavity
  • Tumour removal
  •  Correction of malocclusion
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth.