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Microvascular Surgery

Microvascular Surgery remains a highly demanding field within plastic surgery, requiring significant commitment both in terms of surgical skill and patience. This specialized area encompasses various crucial aspects:

Reconstruction involving significant loss of soft tissue or composite tissue using free composite tissue transfers.

Addressing traumatic limb injuries that necessitate vascular reconstructions.

Handling soft tissue losses on the face that require free flaps.

Complex reconstructions in major cancer cases that call for microvascular procedures.

Revascularization and replantation of limbs, encompassing both macro and micro replantations.

Utilizing toe transfers for reconstructing fingers in cases of traumatic loss or congenital absence.

Performing free tissue transfers for external genitalia reconstruction following trauma or other causes.

The department integrates a microvascular laboratory that plays a pivotal role in handling microvascular cases. It serves as a platform for aspiring micro-surgeons to practice and acquire new techniques using experimental animal models. Additionally,
it significantly contributes to the research potential within this field. Keloid scars emerge as a protective layer over injured skin, often due to burns or acne scars. Though they might eventually flatten, some individuals prefer surgical removal.